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You are welcome on the Java Frameworks Integration web site.
Welcome to our web site.
The goal of this web site is to explain different java frameworks and tools, which will help make your Java project a successful story. This will be done by explaining how to integrate different frameworks and tools into a workspace environement.
After that I will explain how the lifecycle of your project should be and this from inception upto transition.
This web site is based on my own professional experience, which was acquired by working with different companies small ones upto the largest ones but always by using Open Source products.

A project is not always promoted in production even though it is robust and maintenable; but could never be promoted for non-technical reasons such as business issues or non-stable functional requirements. These non-technical reasons don't make your project a bad one because they are not directly related to your project architecture.
As just mentioned, a good project must be maintainable and robust, all the other qualities will be derived from these two qualities and it is all that the client wants along with, of course, reaching the functional requirements.
Maintainability is the result of your application architecture. If your application is well structured and designed... it will be maintainable.
Robustness will depend on the choices of the third party products and infrastructure according to your functional and non-functional needs.


1. If you really want to make your project a success story, be sure first that a long term business strategy is defined and your functional requiments are stable and well defined.
2. Always keep in mind the future maintainability of your project.
3. Select the right product to have an application which is robust and meet your non-functional requirements.